Four Beautiful Girls, Nine Adorable Puppies, One Fun Session!

I know that I’ve been a horrible blogger, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this session. What a great time I had with this gang the other night! I have way too many favorites to post just one or two. Their doggie had nine little Labrador puppies two weeks ago, two chocolate and seven black… and oh my gosh were they cute!!






I just love this one! Four happy, beautiful little girls and the home they’re growing up in. It kind of reminds me of an old photo of my grandmother and her brother when they were small children with their old farm house in the background. I love that photo, because it helps me feel connected to how and where my grandma grew up. When I look at the photo I get real sense of history -of time and place. It’s wild to think that this photo may have the same impact on these little girl’s grandchildren some day!


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